Keyword Analysis & Keyword Research

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Keyword Analysis & Research

Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis is most important process of SEO. Keywords are the basic building blocks of SEO. Keyword Analysis play very important role in SEO. It is used to define the Relevance of website. Keyword Analysis process includes researching relevant keywords with higher search volume and low competition. We can get massive traffic with the higher search volume keywords.

Advantage of Keyword Analysis

  • Increases Web Presence in Search Results
  • Increases Keyword Effective Index
  • Drives targeted Traffic to your website
  • Increases Relevancy of the webpage

Keyword Analysis and Research includes

  • Analysis of keyword competition using most popular keywords tool such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool,Keyword Discovery etc.
  • Choosing of relevant and targeted keywords related to your business and targeting.
  • Splitting of keywords, according to the competition and Keyword Effective Index factors.
  • Finalizing the keywords

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