Facebook Marketing Services

We offer Facebook Marketing Services attuned to your specific needs using leading edge technologies combined with next generation web marketing solutions.

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing is a type of online Marketing where your ads can apper on News Feed on desktop, News Feed on mobile, and in the right column of Facebook on desktop. It includes many formats and contains items such as promoted posts, sponsored stories, page post ads, Facebook object ads, and external website ads. Internet Infotech can manage your Facebook Marketing in a better way.

Internet Infotech has an experienced team of pay per click campaign delivery managers. They come up with a regular based research and development while managing PPC campaigns in multiple domains. This of course is likely to bring an edge in your pay per click advertising campaign.

Why Choose Our Facebook Marketing Services

  • Managed more Google Facebook Ads Campaigns
  • Experience running large budget PPC campaigns
  • Good Industry knowledge and Analysis power
  • HTML, CSS, XHTML, Photoshop, Dreamweaver knowledge
  • Excellent Campaign Analysis, ROI Analysis, Implementing Successful Bidding Strategies
  • Conversion metric, Call to Action Implementation
  • Excellent Internet Marketing Knowledge
  • Search Engine Optimization Experience
  • ROI Analysis
  • Copywriting and/or editing skills

We perform following Activities in Facebook Marketing;

  • Account Setup
  • Research and Optimisation
  • Creation and Expansion of Ads
  • Target followers of similar brands
  • Use your cover photo
  • Choose an eye-catching image
  • Create a custom audience
  • Add shareable content
  • Retarget web visitors
  • Test different versions
  • A - B Ad Copy Testing
  • Design Multiple Ads for Each Market Segment
  • Participate in Page or Group Activities
  • Campaign Tweaking
  • Test your images
  • Landing Page Consultation
  • Google Analytics Setup Consultation
  • Match the message with the destination
  • Create segments and use multivariate testing to optimize
  • Use video
  • Weekly Report

Get in Touch with Us

Internet Infotech provides best quality Facebook Advertising Services at affordable cost. You can choose our Facebook Advertising Services listed on our website as per your need. If you are not sure, get in touch with us and our technical support will help you to choose Facebook Advertising Services. For more information about our Pay Per Click Management Services, please contact us.